Taiwan Festival in Macau to celebrate diversity through music

The fifth edition of the Taiwan Festival in Macau will return from April 12 through 21 under the theme “Sing Along with Taiwan Tone” to present diverse cultural events at the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial House and Júbilo 31 Books.

From an opening concert and exhibition on multilingual music and records to cultural forums, book readings, film screenings, and historical architecture tours, the 2019 Taiwan Festival cordially invites everyone to experience the dynamism of Taiwanese culture against the backdrop of beautiful friendships, fun music, and the warm ocean breeze.

‘Sing Along with Taiwan Tone’ — concert with a Golden Melody-winning lineup

The “Sing Along with Taiwan Tone” concert features three Golden Melody Award winners: Best Male Taiwanese Singer Ric Jan (荒山亮); Lo Sirong (羅思容), recipient of the Best Hakka Singer and Best Hakka Album awards; and Paiwan songstress Seredau (桑梅絹), who was named Best Aboriginal Singer last year. The trio will convey the glorious charm of diversity in language and music.

Jan is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, music producer, and winner of the 23rd Golden Melody Award for Best Male Taiwanese Singer who has extensive experience in pop music and TV scores. He has written over a hundred Mandarin and Taiwanese songs, producing numerous hits for TV shows on Taiwanese puppetry.

Hailing from Miaoli County, Lo is a poet, painter, and singer-songwriter who adapts the refined, open qualities of poetry to her music, adding multicultural colors to existing traditions. Her lyrical songs tell lives, memories, traditions, and insights from a women’s point of view. For re-popularizing Hakka music, Lo was named Best Hakka Singer at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards.

Seredau is a Paiwan singer from the Cavak Tribe in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County whose name means “infectious.” As part of her efforts to promote Cavak’s traditional culture, she has used her own voice to craft new interpretations of Paiwan tunes, with her album “Infection” earning her the award for Best Aboriginal Singer at the 29th Golden Melody Awards.

Apart from the admission-free opening concert on April 12, the three Golden Melody-winning singers will also host a discussion on the languages of music at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House on April 13.

‘The Languages in Music of Taiwan’ — exhibition of multilingual music and records

Taiwan is a beautiful island with multiple ethnic groups. The diversity of its languages is a great cultural asset that provides a strong foundation for various music genres and styles. “The Languages in Music of Taiwan” will present the musical progress of different language groups via pictures, album covers, documents, and some rare first-edition records. Visitors can even listen to music featured in the exhibition by using smartphones or scanning on-site QR codes — all are welcome to sing along with Taiwan tone.

Other highlights of the 2019 Taiwan Festival in Macau include the screening of “Forever Love (阿嬤的夢中情人),” a Taiwanese romantic comedy that pays tribute to Taiwan’s popular culture in the 1960s; and the family event “Multilingual Reading,” which will offer a lovely weekend of storytelling in various different languages at Júbilo 31 Books.

More information — available in Mandarin, English, and Portuguese — is available on the event website www.taiwanfestmo.tw.